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Ms. International World 

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More than a Pageant...More than Beauty...We are a 
"Way of Life for Young Women"!
We Empower through a Crown!

Our new 2023 Winners!

Ms. International World

Terace Garnier

Ms.  International

World Global 

Sklouchere Pierre

Ms.  International

World SuperModel

Estafania Snyder

Headshots 2023 - Estefania Snyder Supermodel Colombia_edited.jpg
Head Shot Sklouchere Pierre_edited_edite
Head Shot    Terace Garnier.jpg

Ms.  International

World Petite 

Ebony Williams

Headshots 2023 - Ebony Willians - Ms. International World Petite United States.png





Head Shot Sandhya Sattanathan.jpg

Ms. International

World Classic

Latina Roggero

Little Miss



Lauren Sassani

Ms. International

World  Portada

Mariant Lobo

Ms. Photogenic

Prasashya Choudhury

Ms. Congeniality

Mimi Mala

Make Our World Your Runway - Latina Roggero 5_edited_edited.jpg
Modeling Picture - Lauren - Head Shot.jpg
Modeling Picture - Mariant Lobo.jpg
Headshots 2023 - Prasashya Choudhury - Ms_edited.jpg
Modeling Picture - Mimi5.jpg
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4. 2021 Program Book - Angela Posillico.jpg
6. 2022 Program Book - Lamont Easter.jpg
7 - 2023 Program Book - Willina Rodriguez Pg.jpg
8. 2022 Program Book - Susmita Patel.jpg
8 - 2023 Program Book - Singer Sensation Aiki Pg.jpg
12. 2022 Program Book - Steven Avi.jpg
Freed Astaire Dancers 2023.jpg

Our Hosts for the 2023 
Ms. International World
& Ms. Latina International

2023 Ms. International World and Ms. Latina International have the best Entertainment!

With Singing Sensation


Also Featuring

 World Renowned Violinist 

"Steven Avi"

and the Magnificent 

"Fred Astaire Dancers"

2022 Ms_edited.jpg
2022 Ms_edited.jpg

Angela Posillico


Veteran Actor
Lamont Easter


Logo -Ms Intl World Logo (3).jpg
1 - 2023 Program Book - Cover Pg.jpg

Ms. International World and Ms. Latina International Pageants 


The Drive to Find True Beauty with Purpose

In the beauty and fashion world, there is no end to the amount of gorgeous models you can find. However, the cross over to the pageant world is much more challenging and unique. These women are not just models with a gorgeous face, great body, with the ability to pose properly for that one incredible photo. Pageant queens have a sense of purpose and drive for something much larger than themselves. Because they all represent a platform, a purpose, and follow through with community service and public speaking, they are more than just models. They are mentors. Understanding just how much goes into the creation of a successful pageant is best known from a previous pageant queen. 
Angela Posillico has a long standing history working in the pageant systems in multiple facets. She has over 27 years of cosmetic experience, working with almost every major line in the country. She was even a trainer for Lancome for 12 years. Working at a makeup counter, she would find pageant competitors frequently coming in requesting assistance with makeup. At one point, one of the competitors hired her to attend her pageant and be her makeup artist for the course of the competition. This put her foot in the door and she continued working pageants as a makeup artist.
Trained in Operatic Studies, she graduated from the Juilliard School of Music and started her adult life as a successful and professional singer.  Angela then started to perform at many pageants. It was no great surprise that she would eventually create the Ms. Latina International Pageant where women who had at least a 25% Latin background were able to compete. By 2007, she sought out to give women without a Latin background a prestigious system and created the Ms. International World Pageant. Both systems compete over a 3 day and 2 night cruise to the Bahamas on the "Margaritaville at Sea".
Angela is meticulous about her pageants. They are glamorous, fast paced, highly competitive, and well thought out. Planning takes almost an entire year. Veteran Actor, MC, and host, "Lamont Easter", was contacted four years ago regarding hosting the pageants. His passion for community and love for volunteerism made him an especially perfect choice to co-host the event with Angela. Not only is he handsome and charismatic, but he was able to recognize how hard each of the contestants worked to not only get there, but to get their platforms across as well.  Lamont has been the official host to the Ms. International World/Ms. Latina International Pageant, and has been back every year by popular demand.
In addition, we also extend our thanks to Dr. Akshata Prabhu for Co-Hosting along with Lamont. The Ms. International World Organization featured entertainment by "Tito Puente Jr." , featuring "Melina Almadovar", with a Tribute to the great "Tito Puente" and the "Copa Cabana".  Concert Violinist "Steven Avi" added his incredible talent to our show!
So many activities are packed into the 3 day competition. Nothing left to chance and the entire event was marked with positive energy. Susmita Patel has been working closely with Angela for months to bring this classy and stunning event to fruition. As the official Show Producer/Model and Pageant Coordinator, Susmita met with Angela every two weeks to work on planning. From set design, to lights, to timing and scheduling, Susmita was ecstatic to see the end results of all the meticulous planning. Al Posillico (President of the Ms. International World Organization), also assisted with the production of the event, by organizing the Judging Staff.  This year we included the assistance of

Ms. International World SuperModel 2021 Willina Rodriguez,  Ms. International World Petite 2021 Britt Ogonofski and Ms. International World Global 2021 Jasmine Goban. With all of these talented individuals on the team, Angela feels this was one of the most successful pageants to date.
The event is packed with a Welcome Party, swimwear competition, interviews, photo shoots, and of course, the Crowning. To be apart of this remarkable event and compete for the Crown, contestants initially will contact Angela either through one of her social media platforms, email, or attended one of the pageant castings. Qualifications have to be met, such as community service requirements, along with a biography and photo submissions.
The newly crowned queens are able to continue to represent the system and their platforms at multiple events throughout the year, such as: The Winterfest Boat Parade, Swim Week, Miami Fashion Week, as well as the prestigious New York Fashion Week, along with other countless opportunities.  They also are able to help give back to community with charitable events.
The Ms. International World/Ms. Latina International Organization is More than a Pageant...More than just Beauty....We are a "Way of Life" for young women.  We empower them through a crown!  We provide opportunities in the modeling, entertainment and business industries.  



Winners of the 2023 pageant include:

Ms. International World: Terace Garnier

Ms. International World Global: Sklouchere Pierre
Ms. International World Classic: Latina Roggero
Ms. International World Super Model: Estefania Snyder

Ms. International World Petite: Ebony Williams

Ms. Portada World: Mariant Lobo

Teen International World: Sandhya Sattanathan
Little Ms. International World: Lauren Sassani

Ms. Congeniality: Mimi Mala

Ms. Photogenic: Prasashya Choudhury


For Further information Please contact us at:

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