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Ms. International World

Portada 2023

Mariant Lobo

Mariant is a 26 year old that was born in Colombia and now resides in Florida. She is not only a Model and Actress, but is a business woman and Real Estate Investor. She studied her modeling at the famous John Casablanca Agency and is currently the official image of "One Financial Business". She has been part of the American Commercial Campaigns and Soap Opera projects with TeleMundo.  Mariant loves to travel and experience new countries and new cultures. She says " Being able to explore the world is what makes you grow as a Person and allows you to value the things you have, no matter how small they are"!

She is a Lady of pure confidence and applies 101% of herself in everything she does!

We at Ms. International World applaud your successes and are proud to have you on board.

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