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    Ms. International World

SuperModel 2021/2022

Willina Rodriguez

Willina was born and raised in the Dominican Republic and moved to New York at the age of thirteen. She went to school in Manhattan and at the age of twenty began her journey to become a high fashion model. In her success in modeling she found her true confidence. In 2019 she decided to move to Philadelphia where she found more opportunities in the modeling field. In 2021 she then moved to the sunny city of Miami, Florida. Here she made her new home and new opportunities. Willina now dedicates her full time to commercial modeling, professional acting and model coaching. She lends her experience to women looking to pursue a career in modeling and acting. Wellina is truly a wealth of knowledge in the fields of Fashion and the Entertainment world. We are happy to announce that Willina now holds the title of "Ms. International World SuperModel and

"Ms. Photogenic"!

Willina was just named SuperModel of the Year 2021 by SuperModels Unlimited Magazine.

Congratulations Willina!

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