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  Ms. International World

              Petite  2021

           Britt Ogonofski

 Britt wears many hats in her busy world. She is a Business woman, a Published Model and an Actress. She studied Analytics and Scouting in Football and worked for the "Miami Dolphins" for a given time. She is also a published Author who writes relationship columns for the "Inscriber Magazine". She recently finished schooling at the "National Investigative Training Academy" and is currently a CC Intern. Her full time occupation is in the Insurance Industry and has over fifteen years experience in the Managing and working in Client Services. Over the past five years she has been working with "WHO of Tampa Bay" - feeding the less fortunate and donating time to "The Sunshine Foundation", "All4Paws" organization and "Vets for Pets". She is a strong single Mom who was brought up by a strong single Mom. She works hard each day so she could be a good example for her Son, and to show him that he can be anything that he wants to be through hard work and dedication. She is the Founder and CEO of Tampa based travel lifestyle brand - "Borgiott". Her future plans include writing a book, studying Real Estate and one day opening her own store front for "Borgiott". We are proud to announce that Britt now holds the title of 

"Ms. International World Petite 2021"!

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