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Timoya Walton

Sixteen year old Timoya Walton is a 12th grade student at the prestigious Lighthouse School, Queen's College. She hails from a family of entrepreneurs with businesses of every kind and has followed in their footsteps by establishing Heaven's Charm Boutique. Furthermore, she is the Marketing person for her school's cheer team which she is a part of. She won her first pageant at the age of 15 and finished in the top 16 of an international pageant. She obtained the best talent award and even Miss Teen Congeniality. Timoya founded The Confidence Project to assist young girls to feel secure in their own skin. Not only that, but from the age of 9 to 12, she assisted in teaching young girls about feeling comfortable with themselves in church through a program called Street Reach, which has regrettably been put on hold since the pandemic. Timoya plans to attend college soon with a double major in Accounts and Ecommerce with a minor in business law.

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