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  Ms. International World

             Petite 2022

    Dr. Maithili Bhosekar

Dr. Bhosekar is a Canadian citizen where her country of origin is India. She is a Doctor of Dentistry and resided not only in Canada, but also India and Nigeria. Her passion is to support girls education worldwide and to sponsor a girls education in India.

Another side passion of hers is to actively work towards providing fresh water to various parts of the world.

She had won the title of Miss Talent as the Miss South Asia Canada Pageant and was also published in magazines.

She is thrilled that she is set to be trained and represented by The International Glamour Project and will be representing Canada as Ms. International World Petite Canada 2022 in the Ms. International World Pageant. We at the Ms. International World Pageant are honored to have you join the Ms. International World family.



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