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         Ms. International World

                   Classic 2022

Tracy Stephens

 Tracy originated from the beautiful country of France. Her Family background goes as far back as 740 (AD). She also boasts a large family with five Brothers and one Sister. Her High School studies, were influenced by her family in the field of Art and Drafting. She then found herself in Florida so she could continue her studies at Florida Technical College. Here she was able to get her Degree in Computer Aided Drafting and Design. She then landed a job with the Tampa Electric Company and stayed for 28 years. She loves her job and feels that this opportunity aided in her total development as an adult.
She also feels blessed in the fact that she was also able to grow her career in modeling and acting. The Pageants that she won Titles included: Ms. Citrus, Ms. Gasparilla, Ms. Full Throttle and Ms. American Beauty. From these Pageants, she went on to a variety of Fashion Shows, Music Videos and Commercials.
Presently, she feels strongly, that by joining the Ms. International World family, she will definitely make new friends, find new opportunities and get involved with more charities. Her favorite saying is "Never let anyone dull your Sparkle" 

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