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       Ms. International World

  SuperModel Sweden 

Meia Borenholts

Meia currently resides in Sweden with her Parents and her older Sister of two years. Meia is very proud of her Parents that have Professional Employment and of her Sister who holds a Degree in Economics. Meia is very proud of her family and states that she gets all of her inspiration and motivation from them. The funny part, is that at the end of her Semester at College, she too will have a Degree in Economics like her older Sister.

She has explained that though she is young, she has had experience in a few fields of employment. She was instrumental in a start up Company that was set up to make a difference in the Environment. She also has had two years experience in the Restaurant business. Besides these areas of the business world, she has also engaged in the Modeling world. She wishes to continue her Modeling career going forward. Her present goals are to Graduate with a Degree in Economics, Travel, and have Modeling as her full time job. Her future goal is to start and own a successful Company, that she can be proud of.

Welcome Meia to the Ms. International World Pageant, we know you will make us proud as well. 

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