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    Ms. International World

SuperModel 2022

Juie Pagnis

Juie was born and raised in the city of dreams, Mumbai India. She boasts a very supportive family that helps in every dream she has. She is a former Air Line Hostess and has a passion for modeling. She has come across many opportunities that has aided in shaping her personality. She also volunteers her time at RobinHood Army an NGO that aims to empower underprivileged children with basic education to help them build a qualitative life. Juie has walked the runway for many designers of India in many Fashion Weeks. She has a strong belief in herself and decided to enter the Pageantry World.  She credits her talents to the training from the International Glamour Project headed up by Dr. Akshata Prabhu (Ms. International World 2021)

The Ms. International World Organization is honored to have Juie represent the title of Ms. International World SuperModel.

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