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   Little Ms. International World


Viola Rose

 Viola Rose is a nine-year-old fashion designer, who has shown her collection at the VIP Pageantry show during New York Fashion Week for three consecutive seasons. Viola's love for creativity and designs manifested at a young age, and she credits her Mother, a custom designer.

Viola has always had a passion for fashion and pageantry her entire life. Her inspiration comes from her older Sister and Mother. From walking the runway in NYC at 5 years old, to Miami Fashion Week, she's always been surrounded by queens. She had the honor to interview Ms. International World Bahamas minutes after she won Live on VIP Pageantry TV. Viola was the youngest correspondent to ever interview on that network.

Recently, she was on her very first billboard in NYC with Supermodels Unlimited. Viola plays the violin and is the lead soloist in her class chorus. She's also an avid soccer player like her Father. She is a diver, loves snorkeling, and exploring the deep blue sea. She is a young marine biologist learning from her favorite scientists, while traveling the world. Her favorite people are her family and friends, she loves school and learning. When she's not on the runway, you can find her with her many Sisters and Brothers playing board games, riding her bike, or dirt bike and going on kayak adventures. Viola enjoys how much her family supports her passions. They are always together every step of the way!


Image - Mascott - Little Ms. International World - Abella.jpg

Houston, TX, January 31, 2023 – Abella, the World’s First Animated Tooth Fairy Influencer© takes flight to the red carpet as she’s “crowned” the official Ms. International World Ambassador.


“I felt Abella’s innocence and how she puts a smile on children’s faces, was a perfect Ambassador for our organization,” said Angela Posillico, founder and CEO,  Ms. International World Organization.  “Bringing children into our fan base really creates a runway for all that want to be shining stars that touch so many lives,” added Angela Posillico.

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