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       Ms. International World

  SuperModel  2023 

Estefania Snyder


Estefania is from Medellin, Colombia and is 23 years old. She grew up in Colombia and she attended the San Vicente de Paul High School. She has an associate's degree in business management and Event organizing. She has also been working as a photo model for the past year and mainly shoots fashion, swimwear, fitness & lingerie. She also enjoys getting involved with creative projects in her spare time. Estefania has a huge passion for modeling, acting, dancing and singing and loves walking the runways. Her favorite hobbies include working out, snowboarding, reading & enjoying life in general. In Colombia, she would occasionally work with animal rescue units that would save animals that they found living in the city streets. Estefania's main goal for the future is to become a professional model working full-time in this industry. She loves to participate in fashion weeks and would like to take her career to the next level. Another one of her dreams is to start a business and create her own brand of clothing.

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