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Amora Robinson


Fourteen year old Amora Cachee’ Robinson is a descendant from the strikingly beautiful islands of the Bahamas. She reflects a varied personality including inherited leadership skills, intelligence, and determination.  Born to hardworking, intelligent, and achieving parents, Constance and Dr. Edward G. Robinson who constantly instill in her that with determination, trusting the process, and a winning attitude, anything is possible.

 As a full-time student and part-time fashion model she has continued to make the honor roll each year.  Motivated by a support system of loving family and friends, her love of learning is encouraged by the ultimate feeling of success. She strives to become an outstanding and successful young woman daily.

Through Amora’s passion and interest in the fashion industry from a young age, she has embraced the modeling and pageantry world. Currently she is enrolled in Miami Arts Charter School where she is concentrating on vocal performance. Next year, she will be joining the Magnet Chorus program at Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School. Music has always been a big part of her life and culture, influenced by the invigorating beats of the Junkanoo Carnival drums, down to the sweet keys being played on her dad’s piano.

Representing  Teen International World would mean bringing a world of opportunities to life and give Amora Cachee’ Robinson a platform to show teen girls all over that with patience, perseverance, and prayer,  they can succeed.  Managed by John Casablancas/MTM Model Mgmt.

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