Ana is originally from Rio De Janeiro and met her wonderful husband years ago who stole her heart and brought her to the United States. She has a real passion for fitness and sports, whereas she played basketball in High School, which later evolved into a Batchelors Degree in Physical Education specializing in Excercise and Science. She later became a group class instructor and professional trainer. She was not satisfied and expanded into the world of Yoga. She then specialized in Ashtanga Yoga - a very vigorous kind known as Vinyasa (Flow) Yoga. Ana then became certified in this type Yoga and now teaches not only Yoga but also Spinning, Pilates and more recently P90X. Her passions expanded yet again, but now into competitions to include the Mrs. International World Pageant. She remembers that famous latin quote "Mens sana in corpore sano"  (A sound mind in a sound body). She feels totally fulfilled as a full time Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach and is helping many as a Team Beachbody Diamond Coach.This is one lady that truly is a role model for Women across he globe.


Ms. International World SuperModel 2015

Ana Sa