Ms. International World  

           SuperModel 2014

         Vanessa Rodriguez



Vanessa was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and then raised in Venezuela. She attended "Santa Rosada Lima" in Caracas, Venezuela and was involved in the fashion world at the young age of Five. She was enrolled in "Rita's International Modeling Agency" and graduated from the "Costanza Giren Agency". She also competed in the "Miss Venezuela Pageant" along with forty five contestants. Vanessa then moved back to the United States and graduated from the Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville, Florida, with a Bachelor of Science in Management.  Vanessa is now back in the Fashion world and is very proud to represent the title of Ms. International World Supermodel 2014, in the Ms. International World Organization. The title has opened many doors for her in the modeling industry. Beauty and brains really matter in todays world and Vanessa shows she carries both very well.