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Deepika Saluja

Deepika grew up in a conservative Sikh family and is of Indian origin. She is one of four children and the first to travel overseas for her Education.  After graduating in the United States, she took up work with the NYC Police department and conducted a special project before moving to Singapore to continue her studies. She then settled in Singapore and started a family of her own. While being a full time Mom, she found one of her passions was to educate the world about Child Sexual Abuse. A platform that she is very serious about and is close to her heart.

She firmly believes that Pageants are not just glitz and glamour, but a way to make your voice heard around the world. She feels that using this type of vehicle will not only inspire yourself, but also millions of others to be the best versions of themselves. She has done some modeling for Singapore Brands and is excited to be trained and represent "The International Glamour Project". She is also very excited about representing the country of Singapore  in the "Ms. International World Pageant" for 2022.

Welcome to the Ms. International World family Deepika!

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